Fiction and Family

“I found my extra copy of A Torn Page when I was packing,” I told Harold, “I think I might give it to your mom — she was asking me about my work, and a fiction anthology is probably better than insisting I really do write brilliantly on obscure games for unfamiliar publications.”

“Oh, that’s nice, she’ll like that.”

“Except now I’m not sure about it, my story is about a woman cheating on her husband. I don’t want your family to think I’m a terrible person.”

“I gave your parents Screamland.” Harold said.


“It does include some monster porn.”

“You win.”

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  1. bridget says:

    What Meg does not know is that, for the last six months, her mother has been enticing her father into bed with “Breathe fire on me and ravish me with your claws, elder dragon!”




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