This is Why I Don’t Want To Connect Submittable To Facebook

SubmittableThis picture is for my returned expat friend Gabrielle Olexa, who’s currently chronicling her rejection letters on her blog. These aren’t actually all my Submittable rejections but trying to shrink the font size to fit more rejections in the screencap was just depressing. (Like Gabrielle, I think constant rejection means you’re trying.)

Submittable (formerly Submishmash) is still my favorite way to receive rejections, I mean, my favorite way to submit to fiction contests and manage my submissions.


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4 Responses to This is Why I Don’t Want To Connect Submittable To Facebook

  1. Amanda d'Adesky says:

    What was it I was reading about the author of “The Help” recently. . .? I’ll have to go digging through my bookmarks, but she spent (if memory serves) five years revising her manuscript before it got published. She got at least one rejection letter a week, too, so I’d say you and Gabrielle are both in good company, considering. 😉

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Ahhhh, that dreaded word, declined!! And it’s in red! At least they didn’t choose rejected, declined isn’t as brutal. I’m dying for the day I get a green accepted. Really happy that you have. Here’s to hoping you get tons more!

    • Meg says:

      Oh, that one was from last spring… Submittable allows you to sort chronologically or by response, so I put the Accepted first to lessen the sting of all the Declined pieces. (They also have “Received” and “In-Progress” to help make it feel like there’s some action on sent submissions)

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