Because You Can’t Play Tabletop Adventure Games On The Subway

New post on Hardcore Droid about adventure RPG Avernum: Escape From the Pit. While I did have a little frustration with the UI (Get back here, magic users! I tapped to shoot the enemy, not run up and hug him!), I’m so happy that Al from Hardcore Droid introduced me to this game! Avernum blends D&D combat and mechanics with a great narrative, and it’s kind of amazing that stopped playing long enough to write about it.

The Avernum world is full of wonderful and zany things, from a hive of cheerful spiders all called Spider, to an entrepreneurial barkeep looking to open a hot springs spa. There are epic battles against the usual high fantasy cultists and drakes and the like, but there’s also a foreman looking for some cheap wine for his workers. It’s worth noting that Avermun women are soldiers (Wearing practical armor, even!), armorsmiths and mayors.

Via Because You Can’t Play Tabletop Adventure Games On The Subway | Hardcore Droid: Reviews of the best RPGs for Android phone | Hardcore Droid.

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