That Time I Had To Talk To Strangers

I recently interviewed Emily Farquharson of the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club for Geek Insider, as well as Spiderweb Software’s Jeff Vogel for Hardcore Droid, and Sky Horse Interactive’s Dave Stafford for Indie Game Mag. Even though I got the chance to talk with some really interesting people about heir amazing projects, it turns out that talking to people I don’t know is not exactly my comfort zone.

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3 Responses to That Time I Had To Talk To Strangers

  1. Bill says:

    Comfort zones were made to be broken out of… then crawled back into.

    • bridget says:

      Spoken like a true introvert.

      (P.S. The penultimate clause of the blog post should have a pronoun, not a noun related to estates.)

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