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ValorWare’s new game 9th Dawn offers so much to love for fans of old RPGs. The world is huge and open, allowing your little adventurer to explore a pixelly fantasy kingdom, protecting the weak and acquiring riches.

Players choose from classic role-playing characters, such as a knight, an archer or a mage. The knight attacks enemies in melee, the archer has a quick ranged attack, and the mage casts spells. Their strengths are so well-balanced that it’s hard to pick a favorite or even recommend one over the other. I might lean towards the archer, but the up close hack-and-slash of the knight or the cool ranged fireball spells of the wizard are also good fun.

The game progresses along the classic RPG lines. Your little adventurer will kill baddies, take their awesome stuff, gain experience, and improve your character to kill bigger baddies. I love this classic RPG gameplay… I love upgrading my armor bit by bit, I love leveling and easily defeating an enemy who’d bested me before. Players can choose to follow quests or wander off and find dangerous things to fight.

via 9th Dawn: Old School is In | Android RPGs | Hardcore Droid.

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5 Responses to 9th Dawn on Hardcore Droid

  1. +1 Sword says:

    How does it play on the phone vs. the tablet? I have limited screen space.

  2. Slandje says:

    I beg to differ. Am playing 9th dawn on 3 & half inches of 3G Android and find it to work great guns, just have to keep my screen set fairly bright. Come on give it a go, your hand held will bless you big time. Cheers Slandje Cape Town R.S.A.

    • Meg says:

      It’s entirely possible that it’s due to my aging eyes, but I just kept wishing for bigger + brighter.

      How did you like the game in general?

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