iPlay Gamer June Issue


I have three pieces in the June issue of iPlay Gamer Magazine!  This one is a snarky review of the new Fast & Furious game spinoff of the new Fast & Furious movie spinoff, and the magazine also includes my reviews of social shooter Six-Guns and retro platformer Random Heroes 2. The staff here was great to work with, and the finished magazine looks really good!

Spoiler: Sometimes reviewing games that are trending on the App Store reminds me why I got interested in independent games in the first place. I feel, at times, that if you liked the last game from *insert studio name*, you’ll like the new one, because it’s same game with better graphics and a new feature. I’m not really knocking this… As a developer, there’s a lot to be said for a model that works, and as a player, I’ll play every new Sims and new Civ there is! Still, understanding a really creative indie often begins with sharing the core gameplay concept with readers and trying to define what genre the game is. I rarely find that with a trending iOs game.

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