One Big Beautiful Thing

I was pleasantly surprised to discover my games journo friend Marie Flanigan, from Games Industry News, has released a novel! One Big Beautiful Thing tells the story of Kate Abernathy, an artist who returns home from New York City after the tragic death of her boyfriend, and finds herself dealing with a nosy mother and a career crisis.

I really enjoyed the character relationships, and following Kate’s journey as she struggles to find a balance between independence and connection. The relationship between Kate and her mother is perfect. Kate’s being grilled about how she did at a job interview, when she finally snaps.

“Did you wear something decent?”

Frustrated, Kate said, “No, Mom, I dressed like a whore. Was that wrong?”

And Kate and her best friend Karen talk about the important things in life.

“Double-bun Leia or elaborate-braid Leia?”

“Ewok village Leia.”

Karen, like all good best friends, also dispenses sage advice.

“Well, just remember all work and no play makes Kate a dull girl, and if you see ghostly twins or a river of blood, leave.”

As you can see, I enjoyed the characters a great deal, and I’d definitely recommend a novel that manages to be nerdy and emotional all at once.

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