Indie Development at Geek Girl Con

I’m going to be speaking at Geek Girl Con this fall, discussing women’s experiences in game development on a panel with some amazing women, and I’m also talking about press kit hacking for indie devs.

“Press Kit Hacks for Indie Devs” will help indie game developers get the most out of the time they have to spend marketing and promoting their game.

While indie games used to mean a little side project, more and more talented game developers are actively choosing to go the independent development route. In many ways, this can be seen as a conscious choice to focus on developing the best game possible without creative input from investors or marketing people.

Unfortunately, the App Store is flooded with games, and without any marketing, some really amazing indies get lost in the noise. I’m a games journalist, I love indie games, and I’m always looking for interesting new titles to review, and I still miss amazing games. There’s just so many new games coming out every day.

I think most indie developers have actively decided to focus on making a game over all other aspects, and memorizing a smarmy elevator pitch or marketing buzzwords just doesn’t ring true. So, I’m going to be talking about ways that indie developers can get the most value from their marketing hours by building a press kit that makes promotion easier with an appealing press release, answering all the key questions a journalist will have, and including good game assets.

Via Indie Development at Geek Girl Con | The Indie Game Magazine .

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