My editor, Sonia, just wrote about indie devs IslaBomba, their creative vision, and the unique challenges they face as a start-up surrounded by Spain’s high unemployment.

circus tent star radialEduardo and Alberto Saldana are brothers and the co-founders of an Indie game studio called Sons of a Bit Entertainment. They are trying to raise funds to continue development on a new video game they’ve created called IslaBomba; unfortunately they live in the wrong country. We at Geek Insider have a soft spot for Indie developers, because let’s be honest, without them half of Geekdom would be wiped off the map. Besides that, one of our writers, Meg Stivison just happens to be a developer, who insists that we pay close attention to new game developers.

Via Indie Game Development… in the Worst Possible Place on Geek Insider.

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