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I feel like I’ve not written very much here recently, so here’s a roundup what I’ve been doing:

I went to ECGC and heard game writer Tracy Seamster tell me that reading PostSecret and eavesdropping on the train is totally part of the creative process. I also went to MakerFaire NC and insisted I was just visiting for fun, and then I wrote about it for Geek.

Wrote about Star Trek: Rivals for Geek, then I beat Matt twice in a row and was so proud of myself that I wrote a strategy guide. (Although, whenever I win, it’s due to my superior strategy and ability, and whenever I lose, I just happened to draw bad cards.)

Worked on my Chinese again, using the iPad. When I wasn’t studying, I admit to playing Candy Crush Saga, and two old-school RPGs 9th Dawn and Avernum: Escape From The Pit.I also reviewed three trending iOS games for iPlay Gamer, and re-remembered why I love indies.  There was some internet excitement about XBONE/ PS4, but I wrote about what will happen to small-time games publications now that Amazon does indies instead.

This fall, I’ll be speaking about press kit hacking for indie dev at Geek Girl Con,  and also on a GGC panel about the experiences of women in games, along with some really amazing women.

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