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Part of my new job involves tech and games blogging for kids eight and up. Here’s my first piece, it was difficult for me to take out the industry snarking, but I think the result is child-friendly without being condescending.

Following the amazing success of the independent game Minecraft, developer Markus Persson — known as Notch to Minecraft fans — began working on a new massive game, this time set in outer space. We love Minecraft at Youth Digital, and we’re not alone, over a million players battle creepers and mine for diamonds!

Notch’s new project, 0x10C, is a sci-fi game, set in outer space in the very distant future. Just like Minecraft, this new game will allow players to interact with absolutely everything in the gameworld. 0x10C players will be able to build their own equipment, program their computers, gain and trade resources, compete or cooperate with other players, and travel the galaxy.

via Notch’s Surprising New Projects – Youth Digital.

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