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It’s Just A Game!

it's jsut a game

From comics & game designs to fictional interviews & academic essays, the disparate parts of It’s Just A Game work together toward the common goal of proving once and for all that no, it ISN’T just a game.

via It’s Just A Game Volumes 1 & 2 by ManicPixelDreamGirl on Etsy.

It’s Just A Game is a collection of creative works around the importance of games, and the value of different perspectives in games. The zine is edited and designed by Elizabeth Simins, and includes pieces from 26 contributors. I have a short piece in this collection (Spoiler alert: You might have read it here first.) on feminism in game development, and I’m really pleased to be part of this project. There’s something especially lovely about the art and process of ‘zines, both in the creation of independent media to directly share ideas, and in the creation of beautiful, almost handmade books as physical objects.

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