Political Backstabbing and Handsome Men in ‘Everlove’

I recently reviewed Everlove, Silicon Sisters’ new romance / adventure game for Hardcore Droid. This game contains great dialogue, with both intrigue and snark. And the handsome, single men all over the kingdom really highlighted how often mainstream, for-everyone games assume that players are straight men. Plus, did I mention how many handsome single guys there are in Everlove?



When finally forced to choose just one gentleman from the four options, I immediately choose dark, brooding and powerful, of course. Turns out, though, that all my choices had actual consequences, and Lord Dark and Brooding was attracted to Will and Responsibility, and at odds with my Kindness and Wisdom. (Typical me.)

I replayed, this time pursuing Thorodan, the handsome and talented young healer. He was a better match, since he was more interested in Rose’s steadily-increasing Kindness stat, but as he told me how many nights he’d stayed up frantically working on his magical curse-breaking formula, he reminded me of my buddies from the tech startup scene. A total mood killer when Rose and Thorodan finally got some romantic time. (Also typical me.)

via Everlove Review | Hardcore Droid.

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  1. Bill says:

    Your review sold me. *shrug*

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