Constantly Improving

I have a new piece up on Hardcore Droid about game reviewing, and getting into game reviewing! Feels strange to be offering career advice to readers, even if I did get to talk about QuestLord and Ira Glass. The best part:

Revisit what you wrote last year and if it makes you cringe, that’s great! You’re improving!

(I am constantly improving.)

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  1. bridget says:

    I haven’t used the Blogger platform since 2006, so my knowledge might be outdated, but WordPress seems to be far better.

    My advice to anyone who is doing any type of writing – legal, technical, creative, whatever – is to write every single day and edit your own work. Even if you go back to it an hour or two later, you will find mistakes, sloppy language, or a really clunky phrase that can be improved. (I know of one judge who makes his clerks do fifty to sixty drafts of an opinion before it is issued.)

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