Harold brought me flowers at work! I was in a meeting when he came by, so Harold left them with the receptionist, Dave. When I came out of the meeting, my whole office asked me what the occasion could be and teased me about Harold’s romantic gesture. (“Is it your anniversary?” “Maybe! Oh crap! Oh, no, it isn’t, I’m good. Whew.”) More than one of the men in the studio threatened to steal a flower to put in his hair, but only one thought he might steal one to hold between his teeth to dance a tango. Plus, I work in a start-up where space is at a premium, so I moved an armload of flowers from place to place around the office all day!

When I got home, with my arms completely full of flowers because Harold gave me ALL THE FLOWERS, I told him what a stir he’d created in the studio.

“…and even the students thought it was sweet. But I wish you’d come in to see me! Did someone ask you to stay out of the meeting?” I asked, “You should have come in!”

“Actually, everyone told me to come into your meeting,” Harold grudgingly admitted, “And make some kind of grand romantic gesture.”

“Oh! That would have been so romantic!”

“Respecting someone’s work by not interrupting her meeting is also very romantic.” Harold said.

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