Creatively Scraped

N’ Elefant Mouse’z ‘Str Trek: Rivalz’ 4 iOz, playerz amazz a deck f cardz, each wit an image from teh nu JJ Abramz “Str Trek,” n’ teh middle & 4 numberz aroun teh zidez. N’ each game, each playr be dealt 5 random cardz, & teh 2 playerz take turnz carefullee placN cardz on a three-by-three gri. Game journalis’ Meg Stivison explainz how 2 improve UR gy 2 defeat UR homiez. (Thiz be an intro guide suitable 4 nu playerz, doez not include hintz 4 avance Treknology)

ImProVin’ UR GAME n’ ‘Str trEk: rIVALS’ | GeEK GAwK, as creatively scraped from my Yahoo! piece of (almost) the same name.

This. This is why I have a Google alert for my name.  Just in case someone scrapes something I wrote, runs it through a bizarre sort of spinner, and publishes it like that.

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