8-Bit Miss Elizabeth Bennett in ‘Stride and Prejudice’

Stride and Prejudice topper
(The) Absolute has asked me to point readers to awesome underground and indie games. Here’s a literary twist on the endless runner:

  [pullquote]It is a truth universally acknowledged that adding Jane Austen to anything will make it better[/pullquote], and the usually-edu game developers at No Crusts Interactive must agree. In their new release Stride and Prejudice, the full text of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice forms the platforms and challenges for an endless runner.

 No need to get your petticoats six inches deep in mud,  just tap to hop and then let Lizzie run along the text. Set the speed for a challenging game, or slow it down to read the book while playing. And of course, you can bookmark your game to pick up right where you left off next time.

via Play 8-Bit Elizabeth Bennett in New Endless Runner ‘Stride and Prejudice’ | (The) Absolute.

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