Review: Prehistoric Park on Game Industry News

Just did a guest piece over at Game Industry News about Prehistoric Park. GiN is a great outlet, with a great team, and it was awesome to be part of it! Sadly, I wasn’t quite as impressed with the game I reviewed.

Each new attraction must be placed with entrance and exit on a path, and all paths must be connected, because amusement park visitors can’t step on grass. Only the most considerate Neanderthals visit the park! There is, of course, the obligatory prompting to spend premium currency to speed construction along, a pretty standard mechanic in freemium games. Choose rides and attractions, add amenities like a water fountain and a resting bench for tired cave people, and design a charming prehistoric theme park for little cave people to enjoy!

From there, it is a fairly typical round of upgrading attractions, repairing attractions and adding new attractions, while being prompted to spend premium currency to do these things.

via Review: Prehistoric Park  – Game Industry News.

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