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I’m mostly covering indie games for (The) Absolute, but I’ve also been writing about interesting tech startups, too:

Web app aims to trade related retweets between users. users sign in with their Twitter accounts, choose one of their recent tweets to share, and then browse through tweets other users would like retweeted. Users decide which of’s messages to retweet, and can always skip sharing tweets that would bore their followers.

Because I could sort potential RTs by interest, and then find the tweets other users had self-selected as most interesting and share-worthy, I found it was a surprisingly good way to find relevant news outside of my usual networks.

Of course, this system is only as good as the users, tweets, and Twitter accounts connecting to it. Under the Tech category, I found about three or four good pieces of shareable industry news to every one GET MORE FOLLOWERS WITH THIS EASY SYSTEM! RT! RT! spam tweet. The category Fun Stuff, though, was mostly followback pyramids. All the more reason to sign up with and get your clever tweets out there!

via Improve Your Twitter Engagement with | (The) Absolute.

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