Retro Adventure Game “Read Only Memories”


Retro art and style in a narrative cyberpunk adventure game? And the player doesn’t have to be a Straight Male protagonist? I couldn’t cover this one fast enough.

The game resembles beloved classic adventure games by using character dialogue and text options to move through branching storylines, but the story is modernized with a focus on queer characters and customizable gender. Not only will players be able to choose their gender, a simple mechanic I can’t stop praising in ChoiceScript adventure games, but they’ll also be able to choose their preferred personal pronouns. (And the list includes He, She, They, or Mind Your Own Beeswax.)

MidBoss Games, the developers of Read Only Memories, are no strangers to queer themes in gaming or to crowdfunding success. MidBoss Games successfully founded and Kickstarted the GaymerX convention, a convention for queer gamers and allies. With the ongoing harassment of women and GLBTQ people in mainstream gaming culture, GaymerX fills the need for a safe gaming space and helps make the gaming experience more inclusive. Adding genderqueer characters to the Read Only Memories gameworld continues to make gaming a more accessible and inclusive space.

via Cruise Around Dystopian San Fransisco in LGBT-Friendly Adventure Game “Read Only Memories” | (The) Absolute. (My article, not my headline.)

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