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indie games wordleBack in ancient times, cavepeople would make gather around the campfire and share blog carnivals (it was around the end of the Geocities age, just before cave painting really took off as an art form). That makes it retro cool, right?

I think this blog carnival format would work well for finding and sharing indie games and game reviewers, so I’m starting an indie games blog carnival. This is going to be a collection of links and little blurbs, I plan to include most (or all) of the submissions I get, but curated lightly to avoid repetition.

I would just love it if you’d submit indie game pieces and encourage friends to submit! This includes reviews written for magazines, communities or personal blogs, as well as essays on indie games, thoughtful dev blog pieces, and related creative writing. You can also submit indie games, too. This begs the question of what makes an indie, of course, but any game made for a game jam, developed with friends, or created as a solo project counts as an indie. You’re welcome to submit either your own projects or projects you enjoy.

Here is a form to make it easy for you to send cool things my way:

If for some reason the BC form isn’t working for you, then you can email submissions to me at my first name at my blog domain.

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