Indie Game Blog Carnival #1

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Hello everyone! I’m at SxSW right now, and I’m either listening to an amazing session, drinking with friends, or completely lost on the complete opposite side of where I mean to be going. (That is how conferences go for me.) But here are some awesome indie game links while I’m away:

Shawn Trautman shares some freeware recommendations over on Discover Games Discover Games is a great blog to follow, both for curating interesting game links from other sites and for Shawn’s own reviews. I particularly enjoyed Shawn’s law-student take on The Devil’s Attorney. (I reviewed this for Hardcore Droid, and it’s fun to see where we overlapped.)

Andy McNamara presents Buggyz : Slot Racing in the Future! posted at Buggyz : Game Development Blog. Andy calls BUGGYZ “a fun, fast-moving slot-racing game set in the future but with a retro 1950’s cartoon vibe – think ‘The Jetsons’ meets Scalextric and you get the idea.” In Buggyz, players will compete again a friend or against the computer as they race and do tricks. The game is being developed for iOs and iPad.

Indie Game Freak has a review of Sleep is Death – A Remarkable 8-Bit Storytelling Game for Two Players over at Indie Game Reviewer.

R3nD shares the making of Super Rocket Shootout, a 4-player couch multiplayer brawler, posted at Oddly Shaped Pixels.

Hiroshi Mishima shares a review of “The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG” by Mitch Alexander over on The Daily Dakmordian (Did you know there are fishing-themed game jams? I didn’t.)

That concludes the first Indie Games Blog Carnival! You can participate in the next one by submiting a link from your dev blog or a link to an indie game review by using the carnival submission form, or you can email me. Or leave a comment here. Or send a carrier pigeon, whatever you want.


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