Polygon on the Changes at Epic Games

fortnite from EpicFrom this week’s Polygon article on all the changes at Epic:

The company’s only currently announced game, Fortnite, was revealed in late 2011, and Epic has been relatively quiet about its development. Epic has released new titles since then, including entries in Chair Entertainment’s Infinity Blade series and Gears of War: Judgment, which was developed by People Can Fly, now known as Epic Games Poland.

But coupled with some high level employee departures, the closure of its short-lived Impossible Studios and an investment from Chinese Internet company Tencent, it seemed indicative of a shift in priority at Epic. Tencent’s minority stake in Epic — it owns 40 percent of the company and League of Legends maker Riot Games — could be most reflective of its new direction.

via What’s the future of games at Epic Games? | Polygon.

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