Grape Lemonade Gum

This is a new grape-lemonade gum, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Trident Layers Grape Lemonade The purple part tastes like the grape Bubblicious I wasn’t allowed to have when I was a kid because it has too much sugar, plus the yellow part tastes like the Country Time Lemonade power I wasn’t supposed to eat because it has too much sugar, and also the purple and yellow are in cute little layers, just like the Andes mints I wasn’t supposed to eat because they have so much sugar.

Being an adult is pretty great, is what I’m saying.


This is in no way a compensated post, I was just chewing gum and thinking about how nice it is.  Also I stole that photo from TVandGumAreAwesome because there’s not a lot of chewing-gum-related art out there.

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