Connect! (And Get Off My Lawn.)

Simpson's Paradox
So ever since Google Reader ended, I’ve been trying out different feedreaders and wishing Bloglines was still around. I’ve mislaid some of my feeds, and spent a while getting different formats and different services to work well together. If This Then That has been pretty great, but ugh! Everything worked just fine the old way! Why did it have to change? (Is there anything that makes me feel as old as grumbling about new technology?)

Anyway, I have an email subscription for my blog here:

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I’ve also made a Facebook page for my blog, since a Facebook scroll seems to be replacing the Feedreader check-in for many of us.


Follow on BloglovinSome friends have switched to Bloglovin’, if you have too, you can add Simpson’s Paradox here.

And if you’ve found a replacement feedreader, you can of course subscribe to Simpson’s Paradox in any reader, and you should also let me know what you’re using, because I’m not completely thrilled with either BlogLovin’ or Feedly.

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3 Responses to Connect! (And Get Off My Lawn.)

  1. Jennette says:

    I’m actually glad Bloglines is dead. There were two occasions in the past several years when my blog’s IP address changed, either because I changed hosts or my site was moved to a different machine. Both times Bloglines stopped showing updates to my site even though the domain was the same. To fix it I had to do this ridiculous thing where I claimed the feed with the IP address in the URL, then I had to link that feed to the version I had already claimed with the domain.

    I haven’t found a replacement for Google Reader because I must admit I’d stopped using it a year or two before it died. I guess I was part of the problem there, not the solution. Sorry!

  2. Athene Numphe says:

    I’ve been using Feedly mostly happily. I liked that it easily converted most of my Google Reader feeds and kept the categories. It’s also easy to add new feeds, change the settings, and has a decent mobile app.

    • Meg Stivison says:

      I’m using Feedly most of the time, because it was easy to import 80% of my Google Reader feeds. It works, I mean, it’s better than just saving bookmarks of the logs I like, but it’s not great.

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