Rich Kids of Instagram: Satyricon And The City

Rich Kids of Instagram is a Tumblr of, well, rich kids posing with their expensive stuff. Whether it’s yachts, sports cars, resorts, or dropping $10,000 on cosmetics , the Tumblr recalls late-Roman excesses. It’s hard to tear my eyes away, and while I scrolled, I learned that some rich kids prefer humblebrag captions over their private jets and shopping sprees, while other prefer the more blatant #hatersgonnahate and middle fingers. Also, I learned that pools come in more styles than in-ground or above-ground. Who knew?

The upcoming novel Rich Kids of Instragram is half Candace Bushnell’s Trading Up, half Petronius’ Dinner With Trimalchio. The characters are mostly unabashed social climbers, with a few old-money heirs and a tech wunderkind for frothy good measure. Their high-stakes, high-budget conflicts lead to a guilty-pleasure page-turner, with plenty of backstabbing, sex, and general excess.

From my review Rich Kids of Instagram: Satyricon and the City on Yahoo!


I’m really happy with this headline, because I write some of the least engaging headlines ever. If left to my own devices, I’d be the author of Things I Thought About This Game and Some Reasons Why This Novel Is Kind of Annoying. So I’m very proud of this one.

Unfortunately, Yahoo! has started using a new layout which includes  literally none of my piece is above the fold. No seriously. Not exaggerating.

Above the fold

It turns out that my headline wasn’t so much clever pop-cultural snark as it was excellent placement for  text links to and Star Trek fan fiction. Or maybe the link to buy Rich Kids – Cheap Prices is it’s own cultural snark.

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