Tappy To Flappy

Tappy to flappySometimes it’s awkward to be both a writer and a developer, but reading what my GrabIt colleagues wrote about what my Epic colleagues made isn’t one of those times.

… Known for driving blockbuster console titles like Gears of War and BioShock, Epic obviously believed it needed to prove the engine’s worth to the little guys. So, it has released a clone of popular game Flappy Bird to showcase how the engine can be used  to create simple, effective and retro-inspired games. Tappy Chicken is nothing special, but demonstrates the practical use of their engine no matter how low the requirements.

Epic Games’ message is specifically targeted to inexperienced or small-scale developers, showing them they should not be intimidated or afraid of using Unreal Engine 4 for their projects.

via Indie Game News | Grab It – The Game Discovery App – MaxJoseph.

So many internet reactions to Tappy Chicken are either reactionary fanboying over the Epic logo, or reactionary trashing the Flappy Bird craze, and so it’s extra nice to read a post from a author who sees a cute proof of concept. My gamemaking friends know how to make games, and my writer friends tell it like it is.

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