Busy Person’s Correspondence Card


NYC cards page #1Love this amazing old postcard I found. The concept of this low-tech, automated message is amusing, and some of the options are just delightful.

I’ve found myself in a lot of interesting little secondhand shops since Harold and I started spending time together. Also, I know a lot more about vintage Star Trek figures now. These are not entirely unrelated facts.

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2 Responses to Busy Person’s Correspondence Card

  1. Jennette says:

    I have a friend who isn’t so great about replying to emails, so I once set her an “Easy Reply Email” that was like this postcard. I thought I was the first one to think of it, but I guess not.

    • Meg Stivison says:

      That’s awesome! ….Wait, that friend wasn’t me, was it? Because sometimes I could seriously use an easy-reply template.

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