Everyone Knows That

One of my littlest students from my afterschool classes in is back my summer class this week. He’s an adorable and intense 8-year-old who runs Linux at home and says Fusion is at least easier than Eclipse, but he can have a little difficulty with which way letters should face, and with reading social cues from others. Mostly because he’s so little, but he seems to struggle with social cues even more than other students who are the same age.

Anyway, this student walked up to me at lunch today, and told me shyly that he’d reinvented his hero loads of different times in his other classes.

“Noah! You’re not supposed to change to change your core concept after Monday.” I said, taking a deep breath before beginning damage control on app design disaster.

“Just kidding! Everyone knows that! I fooled you!” he giggled, and when he saw me start to giggle, he laughed harder.

(That is some brilliant comedy from an eight-year-old.)

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  1. Martha says:

    Kids are the best. I remembered how much I liked being around them… working with them again this summer. So much funny.

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