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Did you know that teaching full-time is time consuming? I’m pretty sure I came to that realization last summer, too, actually.  The actual teaching load is a lot easier this summer, because I’m much more comfortable with the curriculum, with the students’ age groups, and with Fusion in general. But now I’m lead teacher, which means I have to care when other people have problems in their classrooms. Geez. And I’m supposed to help them. So that’s stressful, you know, with the concern for others and trying to be helpful and taking on leadership responsibilities and blah blah blah.

Anyway, this summer’s work takes up time and energy, which means less for my blog. I always look forward to a new book or a new game at the weekend, but if a backlog of review copies starts to build up, it becomes stressful and too much like Work and Responsibility and we can’t have that, can we? So I’d decided not to pursue any other reviews until after summer classes, or until I’d cleared my NetGalley queue, whichever comes first.

But this morning I got this:

pride and prejudice manga

‘Pride and Prejudice’ as manga!?!?!

A Jane Austen manga?!?!?  How often am I going to get something so perfect for me? I can’t possibly turn that down! Of course I will review it! Right now!

Then, I got home and had an offer for Six of One, about a modern-day Tudor fan meeting the  six wives of Henry VIII at a magical bachelorette. How often am I going to get a book about drunken Tudor ladies? Sounds like it was written expressly for me! So of course I want it!

I guess I can find enough time to read about Mr. Darcy or the Tudors.

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