Summer Sky Nails from Beauty Without Cruelty

swatch bwc

Beauty Without Cruelty’s ‘Summer Sky’ Swatch.

I received this Summer Sky nail polish from BWC’s line of lovely, bold nail colors.  Beauty Without Cruelty is a line of cosmetics created without animal testing and without using any animal products, I think I’m supposed to write about ethical fashion choices, but first let’s talk about what a freaking amazing color this is. It’s just a shade bluer than that mint nail color that everyone’s wearing this summer. (Yes, I have that minty one too…)  Summer Sky is completely opaque, too, which means only one coat is needed, which means less drying  time for me to smudge up my wet nails.

When I got this polish, I was a little worried that all-natural makeup might go the way of gluten-free cupcakes. You know, you see it in the glass case at the coffee shop, and it looks like  a delicious cupcake, but it tastes like… something entirely different. Because flour is an integral part of a cupcake!  This Summer Sky nail polish was smooth and durable. It was no different from my drugstore discount nail polishes or my fancy French manicure polish. (French mani is for days when I need to look like a responsible adult. Those days are stupid.)

My Birds & Arrows bag and my BWC polish.

My BWC polish matches my Birds & Arrows bag!

Beauty Without Cruelty has chosen to make cute and bold cosmetics in a thoughtful and ethical way. I became interested in ethical fashion companies like Beauty Without Cruelty when I talked with Mor from Redress Raleigh for thalo. Mor reminded me that we can make small choices in our everyday purchasing to support ethical companies and distributors.  I like the idea that no animals were harmed in creating this polish, either for animal testing or for animal products, and I like that an all-natural polish is still smooth, opaque, and cute.

swatch bwc centered

Beauty Without Cruelty’s “Summer Sky”, Instagram-style


Products in this post were provided from Beauty Without Cruelty. Thank you! Opinions and nails are my own.

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  1. What a gorgeous colour for the summer! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Love this colour! Great that it’s not tested on animals too. #TriedTested

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