Rewards, Money, and Rare Items in Pixonic’s Robinson

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How To Make Money in Pixonic’s Robinson

You’ll need a lot of coins to complete missions, since they’ll all require you to buy animals, crops, buildings and so forth. Later on, you’ll want money to buy island decor to attract butterflies for that goal. Here are some good ways to make money:

  • Purchase a Monkey for 2640 coins, feed it twice, and then sell the full grown Monkey for 4400 coins.
  • Buy Peanuts at 570 coins, harvest two days later for 880 coins.
  • Buy Pineapples at 720 coins, harvest three days later for 1200 coins.

These will all take some time, so it’s best to keep cycling through these to make sure you always have cash on hand. It’s also a good idea to spend any available cash on Pineapples and Peanuts, so it’s earning you more coins and not just sitting there.

Rare Items in Robinson

These items are essential for progress, but often give players trouble. Here’s a guide to finding difficult and rare items!

An Axe

Getting an axe can be quite confusing and difficult. To get an axe, you need to build one in your workshop. To get a workshop, you need boards, that you get from chopping down trees with your axe.

You’ll need a Workpiece, which is found randomly in a Hut, and 5 Whetstones for an Axe Butt. Whetstones can be found, at a low rate, when clearing rocks.

You’ll also need an Axe Handle, which can be found in the Treehouse or when clearing grass.

Put the Axe Handle and Axe Butt together in your Workshop.


Fire is required for Lens, a Pickaxe, and many other useful things. You can get this as the reward from the Sheep collection. This is a pretty economical way to keep yourself in a supply of Fire, just buy a few sheep and feed them, and stock up on Fire whenever you complete this collection.


You’ll need an improved treehouse to craft this item for the mission. Then, you’ll need sand and fire. You can get sand from digging or from the Monkey Collection. Fire comes from matches, or from the Sheep Collection. I think it’s more economical to buy and raise Sheep than to look for matches.


You’ll need this to make the medicine for Little Raccoon. In theory this can be found in clearing flowers. I have never found one this way. You can get this by spending totems, or asking friends.

Smoky Leaves

In theory, these are found by clearing bushes. I’m at level 12, er, 19 and haven’t found one yet, and a quick Google of this game turns up lots of other players who haven’t found any, either. Looks like another way that Robinson will force you to buy totems or add friends to keep playing, since you can’t access very much without tribe members, and you can’t get tribe members without smoky leaves and matches

Water Bottles

These are required for the mission “Packing For The Road”. Unfortunately, the only way to get these is to ask friends or pay totems. You’ll need to pay 15 totems for the required 15 water bottles to complete this quest chain.

Collections and Rewards in Robinson

Whenever you take actions in Robinson, like harvesting crops, clearing land, feeding animals, and so forth, there’s a random chance you’ll get an related item. Once you have all five items, you’ll have a collection! Each collection gives a different reward. Here’s a list of possible collections and their rewards, so you can plan your crops and livestock according to the rewards you want.

  • Apricot Collection :: 2 Sheep
  • Banana Collection :: 150 EXP
  • Bungalow Collection :: Coconut Tree
  • Bushes Collection :: 3 Eggplant
  • Butterfly Collection :: 1 Totem
  • Cabbage Collection :: 1 Energy
  • Cane Collection :: 2 Energy
  • Carrot Collection :: 1 Sheep
  • Cauldron Collection :: Coconut Tree
  • Cheetah Collection :: 25 Food
  • Coconut Collection :: 2 Stone Fences
  • Corn Collection :: 1 Matches
  • Crocodile Collection :: 100 Coins
  • Dry Vegetable Bed Collection :: 50 coins
  • Eggplant Collection :: 1000 coins
  • Elephant Collection :: Coconut Tree
  • Festive Table Collection :: 2 Monkeys
  • Fish Collection :: 4 Watermelon
  • Flowers Collection :: 100 EXP
  • Giraffe Collection :: 1 Totem
  • Goat Collection :: 5 Food
  • Grapes Collection :: 1 Hen
  • Grass Collection :: 5 Food
  • Greenhouse Collection :: 1 Grass
  • Healing Collection :: 3 Energy
  • Hen Collection :: 2 Energy
  • Hippo Collection :: Papaya Tree
  • Hut Collection :: 3 Pineapple
  • Jack The Parrot Collection :: Lemon Tree
  • Kiwi Collection :: 100 Coins
  • Lab Collection :: 50 EXP
  • Lemon Collection :: 1 Pig
  • Mango Collection :: 1 Ostrich
  • Melon Collection :: 1 Energy
  • Monkey Collection :: 1 Clean Sand
  • Ostrich Collection :: Apricot Tree
  • Palm Tree Collection :: 4 Melon
  • Papaya Collection :: 2 Stone Alleys
  • Peach Collection :: 2 Grapes
  • Peanuts Collection :: Banana Tree
  • Pig Collection :: 35 EXP
  • Pineapple Collection :: 3 Energy
  • Potato Collection :: 10 Wood
  • Pumpkin Collection :: 5 Food
  • Python Collection :: 1 Hen
  • Sea Waste Collection :: 5 Energy
  • Sheep Collection :: 2 Fire
  • Tiger Collection :: 25 EXP
  • Treasure Collection :: 100 EXP
  • Treehouse Collection :: 25 EXP
  • Turtle Collection :: 4 Pineapple
  • Vulture Collection :: 2 Energy
  • Watermelon Collection :: Peach Tree
  • Wheat Collection :: 1 Goat
  • Wild Hog Collection :: Banana Tree
  • Wood Collection :: 1 Zebra
  • Workshop Collection :: 2 Ostrich
  • Zebra Collection :: Kiwi Tree

Good luck! I hope this guide helps you get the most out of your Robinson island!



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