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I got an Arthur Clark novel, too, because if you are determined to simplify and to own fewer books, you’ll find yourself taking out library books to re-read.

After reading Finished Business, I wanted some more ancient Rome, so I picked up Parthian Shot from the library. In actual hardcover, because the Chapel Hill library doesn’t quite have the ebook collection that NYPL has.

Across from MYS WIS, where I found David Wishart’s Marcus Corvinus mysteries, was MYS ROB, where I stumbled across some more of John Maddox Roberts’ SPQR series. I picked up the next on in the series, SPQR XII: Oracle of The Dead, which is amazing, and well-researched, and thoroughly roman, and I would totally recommend it. Only maybe don’t read both series at the same time, because two contemporaneous Roman heroes bumping into the same historical figures as they solve their mysteries can be a bit confusing.

I tucked the checkout slip into the back pocket of SPQR XII, and discovered that the person who’d taken it out last had also done that. That reader had picked up a string of Roman historical fiction, all completely unknown to me and all listed on the checkout slip.

There are so many ways to find new books. Recommendations from friends, book reviews on NPR, GoodReads authers, or Amazon similar-to recommendations. Also,  a slip left behind by previous library patron and fellow Roman enthusiast.

Libraries and Rome

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