How It Works Media’s #ExplainerVideos.

howitworksmediaHow It Works Media makes short, explainer videos for startups and small businesses, allowing them to demonstrate their idea or project to visitors, without suffering through an elevator pitch or reading a product description.

Does anyone ever want to listen to an elevator pitch? I’ve been to tech shows where I know I walked around and saw new apps and new hardware, but I still felt like I listened to one long elevator pitch all day.

Look, I have never personally encountered this phenomenon and I’m not entirely convinced it exists, but I’ve been told there are people who don’t like to read! Weird. I don’t really understand that, but I’m not going to judge too harshly. If I had a startup, I’d want to reach (and sell to) everyone, including people who —  for some reason — don’t like to read. Short videos, like the explainer videos from HowIsWorksMedia, are easily understood by everyone, and can be easily shared.

For example, here’s an explainer video on how explainer videos work.

Now, you basically don’t need the rest of this post because you already know what How It Works Media does

It’s also easy to promote videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth, and we all know how once a piece of content is on a social network, how widely and wildly it can spread. Cute videos could be shared and spread more easily than a text explanation of a new product or service.

How It WorksMedia believes that explainer videos also increase sales, not just visibility or name recognition, so of course there’s an explainer video for that, too.

Right now, How It Works Media is running a promotion for startups, offering a discounted rate through the end of September.  The September rate is $4000 for a 90 second explainer video, and interested startups can check it out here.

How it Works startups This post is in conjunction with How It Works Media. Pretty sure it’s due to my extensive knowledge of startups and even more massive hatred of elevator pitches.

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