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City of Whores Mark B PerryCity of Whores by Mark B. Perry tells the story of an aspiring movie star and a powerful celebrity couple in 1950’s Hollywood. A thin veneer of old-Hollywood glamour covers dark secrets and disturbing choices.

The story of an aspiring actor willing to do anything and everything to become a star isn’t new, but the characters are fleshed out, complex, and believable, and the particular brand of “anything” will keep readers turning pages. Overall, the novel was a great deal grittier and darker than any of the other books I’ve received from Whirlwind. (Like Black Bear Lake, Children of the Gods, and Careful.)

The glamorous / seedy Hollywood setting is what first interested me in this book, and I was not disappointed in this. The novel constantly reminded me of my trips to Los Angeles, staying in the worn-down glamour of the Cecil. Some places around LA were familiar to me, but others, like film sets and backlots, were completely new to me, and exciting to imagine.

Because the Hollywood setting and a love of film are such important aspects of the novel, it’s one of the (rare) times when a book trailer makes sense.

I received a copy of this book to review as part of Whirlwind Book Tours.



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