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Walking Thumbs’ new Blabcake Messenger App lets users chat with their friends using expressive animations and cute interactions. This social app is often described as emoji chat, but actually users have cute berry avatars. Individual Berries can be personalized with color, hair and mood, and they can be customized by adding clothes and accessories, so each Berry is unique.


Avatar customization with Blabcake’s Berry

Chatters can animate their berries, with a variety of actions, from emotional reactions (a broken heart, a sleepy face, or an angry scowl, among others) Users can interact with the friends’ Berries too, by sending them hugs, blowing flower petals, smiling at each other, or other friendly interactions. Or turning their friends into animals or cupcakes, whatever. They can express not-so-friendly emotions too, but even the table-flipping sequence is pretty cute.

blabcake custom

Obviously this is what I would look like as a Berry.

The app is geared for tweens and young teens, and with so many cute sunglasses and hairstyles, it’s clear that BlabCake is primarily aimed at girls in this age range. But did you notice that the logo is not pink? Yeah, it’s not pink!

Like any social app, it’s only as safe as the chatters using it. I mean, tweens COULD be talking about overthrowing the government next to their adorable lil Berry avatars. But the provided content in the app, the accessories and animations, is fun and tween appropriate.

Walking Thumbs’ new Blabcake Messenger App is available free for iOs and for Android mobile devices. And, it’s actually free, since users can use wifi instead of data or SMS. The app doesn’t yet have any premium blabbery yet, but I think it’s safe to guess that the app will monetize on paid upgrades of premium adorable blab art, like seasonal decorations and Berry accessories.

app logoFinally, the logo for Blabcake is not pink. Yes, it’s entirely possible to make something cute and tweeny without defaulting to Mattel pink. I mean, I knew that I had strong feelings about this, but didn’t realize just how much I was predisposed to like this app simply because the logo and branding wasn’t pink. Blabcake is an example of brand art for a tween-girl targeted product that is unashamedly cute and sweet, without falling into the usual pink-it-and-shrink-it trap.


  • Free Texting With Your Friends
  • Eye-popping Animated Messages
  • Group Chat
  • Physically Interact Via Smartphone Sensors
  • Vivid Full-Screen Animations
  • Notifications When Friends Interact With Your Berry
  • Totally Customizable Berry Avatars
  • 23 Different Animated Moods
  • Tons of Berry Accessories
  • Colorful Themes, Chat Bubbles & Berry Floors
  • Share Photos


This post is brought to you in partnership with Walking Thumbs, because I am an expert on cuteness and on making apps for girls without pink logos.

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  2. Shriya Surti says:

    I like it but there should be a way to get more blabpionts without spending money

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