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Hello Kitty Crochet

My friend Jennette came over to help me try out this book of Hello Kitty crochet patterns, and I was pretty excited for crafting and wine night. I’ve crocheted simple things, mostly, like scarves or wristlets. (I’ve been meaning to try Bethany’s crocheted Hello Kitty hat, and now that I happen to have bunch of Hello Kitty-colored yarn left over from amigurumi…)

Anyway, my point is that I like to crochet, but I did not realize quite how much stitch-counting was involved in making my project look more like Hello Kitty and less like a misshapen blob. Fortunately for me, Jennette is not just a crochet hobbyist, but secretly also an amigurumi expert!

The patterns in Hello Kitty Crochet: Supercute Amigurumi Patterns for Sanrio Friends are clear, even for a casual crochet maker like me, and I also enjoyed just paging through and seeing the cute photos of Hello Kitty in yarn. I want to try a Dear Daniel (for the sweet Instagram camera accessory) or a My Melody next. Or possibly a lil’ baby chthulu like Jennette made!

jennette has cool toys

I mean, I have crochet hooks in multiple sizes, but it turns out Jennette is a complete amigurumi expert!

Hello Kitty required more attention that than straight rows of a blanket or scarf, because you have to keep track of stitches and rows to get her cute little head to be the right kind of adorably round, or to make her cute little kitten ears. But it wasn’t difficult to do, and it didn’t take very long.

I did have to resort to a YouTube tutorials for the magic circle. If you (me) just cast on for crocheting scarves and blankets and so forth, I’d recommend watching someone else start a magic circle before trying it yourself.  It’s really easy to copy someone doing it, and quite difficult to get it from a description.

My favorite Hello Kitty persona is when she is wearing a kimono. Something about the simple, bold cuteness of the Hello Kitty face with the delicate patterns and colors of a kimono is just so perfect. I looked at my Hello Kitty kimono minis for inspiration, and copied the dress for my doll. I was just going to make a coordinating stripe around the body for a obi, but then I got carried away making the obi knot in the back, and the kimono sleeves, too.

amigurumi hello kitty

My Hello Kitty!

I decided to finish Hello Kitty Kimono with black button eyes, which gives her more of a cuddly rag doll look, instead of sewing them on. I planned to get some yellow embroidery floss to finish her cute little nose, but I found a perfect little yellow button for her nose at The Scrap Exchange, so she has an adorable little button face now.

I received this copy of Hello Kitty Crochet from the publisher to review.

More Cute Hello Kitty Crochet:

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  1. Jennette says:

    I love the button eyes!

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