Sushi With Harold


When Harold and I go out for sushi, we spend a long time debating different rolls. Should we get a Volcano Roll or a Tokyo Roll? Should we get the special with yellowtail, and then get a plain smoked salmon roll, or should we get the Alaska Roll with salmon, and then get an eel and cucumber roll? There is a lot of debate involved in getting the correct combination of flavors and textures,  the right ratio of fancy rolls and plain pieces before we order.

Then we start talking about other things, and by the time the food comes, we have practically forgotten what we ordered and ask each other, is this one going to be spicy? What else is in this tuna roll? This one’s really nice, what’s it called?

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3 Responses to Sushi With Harold

  1. Sushi is so beautiful and healthy! I’m only now getting brave enough to try it. There are so many options that I can see how it would get both confusing, and also never boring

  2. Ana says:

    Sushi is one of my favorite things ever!!! But I always order for the same things so nothing special

  3. Phuong Nam says:

    Oh my goodness, when I go out to eat with my friends, we do the same thing!! There’s this cute local place that has a sushi buffet for $15 and it’s the best. But since it’s all handmade when you order, it takes some time and by the time it gets to the table, we all forget!! Thank goodness the server is always kind enough to rename all our sushi rolls.

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