my archnemeisI’m really enjoying taking more photos, playing around with Instagram and Pixlr, and finding a good one to post here every week. It’s a good mental practice to keep my eyes open for small details of everyday life that are especially attractive or meaningful.

I didn’t expect to like Instagram so much, because my first impressions were of quasi-celebs holding expensive products, with associated affiliate link, of course, and loads of bathroom selfies. (I’m a selfie fan, just not a toilet-in-the-background fan). I’m finding interesting photostreams to follow, and discovering new sides of writer friends and colleagues.

keyboard frameI do wonder how some some users get so many followers. Are they just amazing? Is it  a follow-for-follow kind of thing, do they purchase followers on Instagram, or judicious use  hashtags, or just live in a gorgeous place and take photos?

Instagram’s not great for everything, mostly because it’s mobile-only. So it’s usually pretty awkward and unwieldy to put PC screenshots there, and I’m not sure if all my photos are necessarily improved with the square frame. I recently added Pixlr  for photoediting. You can add a border around a photo, without adding a filter, which is something I can’t make Instagram do for me. There are a bunch of Chinese New Year add-ons, with lanterns and good luck characters and so forth that kind of make me wonder if I really am too old for stickered Instagram photos.

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