Secrets of ‘High School Story’ #hssgame


A few weeks ago, I was at a homeschool education conference for my work, and I got chatting with a twelve-year-old about our favorite games. (This was a theme of the conference weekend, and I got quite a few game recommendations from the under-18 crowd) She was very excited to find out that I also play High School Story, and gave me all the details of unlocking the secret missions. I didn’t even know there were any secret missions!

But I had my own High School Story secret. See, I didn’t expect to be showing my high-school themed appointment-style game to anyone, so I sort of named all my HSS students after Star Trek characters, and put them in Star Trek situations. As one does.

Student gov’t Seven reveals her #Borg past in #HighSchoolStory #hssgame #Voyager #7of9 #ios #screenshot

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This won’t end well, Tuvok. #hssgame #Voyager #latergram A photo posted by Meg (@simpsonsparadox) on

Think that’s called shipping. #HighSchoolStory #hssgame #startrek #trek #fanfic #otp

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It lines up pretty well, in case you were thinking of trying it.


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