Exploding Limes and Fractal Cabbage

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A few weeks ago, I covered the browser version of Enchanted Cave 2 for my students, so I was pretty excited to review this roguelike treasure grab for adult gamers over on Hardcore Droid. Lots of meta-jokes for RPG gamers, and silly items to loot!

Enchanted Cave 2 opens in a typical RPG town, full of townspeople sharing the requisite warnings about the boundless dangers and wonderful treasures found in the nearby cursed cave, but this is not quite an RPG.  I quickly discovered that the cursed cave is a randomly-generated dungeon of treasure and death, perfect for roguelike exploration. Adventurers battle their way through, looting bags of cash, weapons, armor, and crafting ingredients (like unicorn poop or exploding limes).  If you let your adventurer run out of health, he’ll die in the cave, never to be seen again. More importantly, you’ll lose all the gold, loot, and skills you’ve acquired in that dungeon run, so keep an eye on the all-important health bar. This gives a great tension to battles, and makes those healing potions incredibly precious.

via Enchanted Cave 2 on Hardcore Droid

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2 Responses to Exploding Limes and Fractal Cabbage

  1. I’ve been playing a lot of Pixel Dungeon. Just downloaded Enchanted Cave 2. Should be an interesting upgrade.

    • Meg Stivison says:

      I always say I don’t like roguelikes because I don’t think dying over and over is a fun mechanic, but I really like treasure runs like Dungelot, Enchanted Cave, etc.

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