“If You’re Not The One”

In If You’re Not The One by Jemma Forte, Jen Wright is in an underwhelming marriage, with two small and needy children. She’s wishing for a little more passion and excitement when she’s hit by a car, and while in an accident-induced coma, is able to see the other lives she could have had by making other choices.

I love this basic premise, that by making a slightly different choice — or in Jen’s case, by making a fairly large choice about who to date and who to break up with — we could have entirely different lives. Jen experiences days in her various alternate lives, and sees the positive and negative sides. If she’d run off with Aidan, the handsome free spirit she met while backpacking, she’d have had an amazing year in Australia, but lose touch with her friends and become estranged from her mother. If she’d stayed with her workaholic tech entrepreneur boyfriend, she’d have ended up with all her material wants sated, but also be having an affair with the chef.  I won’t give the whole thing away, but Jen experiences each possible life with each possible mate before waking back up to her husband, Max.

One of the possible lives, though, was so much better than the others. I mean, you’re supposed to root for Jen and Steve, right? The drawbacks — that they never have kids and that they look after his aging mother — are so tiny when she and her husband have amazing careers, travel all over, and he’s still so crazy in love with her. Well, anyway, totally sure which One I would have picked.

I received this novel from NetGalley to review. Opinions are my own.

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