A Song of Bing and Huo

I’ve been reading A Song of Ice and Fire, mostly thanks to SuperDan’s recommendation, which means I’ve been lying in front of my room fan in my underwear, trying to remember what being cool felt like, and reading about how winter is coming. Can’t come soon enough for me, Starks.

I’ve just finished A Feast for Crows, which ends with a little note from George R. R. Martin, saying that he’s totally going to tell us what’s going on with Jon Snow and Daenerys and the rest of the characters we barely saw in Crows, and that book will be called A Dance With Dragons, and it’s coming soon. I requested Dragons from Chapel Hill Public Library as soon as I finished Crows, but I was waitlisted because the second-to-last person in the entire world to read A Song of Ice and Fire is still finishing it.

It was only about two days of waiting before I got an email saying my ebook was ready, but I was waiting anxiously to see what happens next. Good thing I didn’t read them all as they came out, or it would have been six years of waiting anxiously  between Crows and Dragons.

Hey, Meg, you gotta listen to this.
Hey Meg, does this make you sad?

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