Bing Kafei

I have an electric kettle in my room, so one of the first things I bought was a package of those Nescafe instant coffees. They’re nice, of course, but not even the most optimistic expat could mistake it for brewed, fresh coffee. Fortunately, there’s a KFC just under a mile from my room, which serves real, brewed coffee. That also means that when I walk there, I can convince myself that I just spent all the calories in my iced coffee!

bing kafei

Hey, did I tell you guys how much I love this iced coffee and ice cream drink from Chinese KFC? Oh, yeah, I did, 9 years ago:

I figured I was finally benefiting from a Chinese error, but it turns out that this ice cream coffee is not given to weird foreigners but actually on the menu! Amazing! I could go on about the joys of this KFC coffee but I’ll sum it up:

Times I visited KFC in my entire life before coming to China: 4 or 5

Times I visited KFC in China: 5 or 6

Times I visited KFC solely to drink the amazing ice cream coffee: 7

That number is a lot higher than 7 now.

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