More Similar Than You Know

Shortly before I started dating my now-husband, I was seeing a writer in Los Angeles. He’s a really great guy, handsome, funny, talented…  Uh. Yeah.  This is relevant! I’m going somewhere with this!

The other day, one of my students told me I look exactly like a certain actress. I wasn’t too interested, because the Chinese can be pretty bad with laowei faces, usually when I’m compared to another person, it just means we are both brunettes. I’m routinely mistaken for Sydney, the other white woman teaching in Yangzhou, even though I’m more than 10 years older than she is, but sometimes she wears glasses, so… I guess? This is also relevant. Stay with me.

Anyway, my students discussed my Hollywood twin in Chinese, and all agreed that I look EXACTLY like her, and that I just had to see her photo. One of the kids looked it up on her phone, and then passed me the phone to show me the photo of the actress my Los Angeles boyfriend is now dating.


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  1. Jennette says:

    Ok, you seriously need to email me and tell me who it is. Not kidding.

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