App Review: Save More With Clink


clink promo imageClink is an upcoming app for saving money, and for increasing your savings.

Users will choose a percentage of checks from dining out, and put that money into savings, but instead of just a regular savings account, it’s in a portfolio, hopefully turning into more money. A lot of general PF advice on sites like LifeHacker focuses on making small savings, on making saving a habit, and putting your savings where you can’t see them and be tempted. (I have a similar system that rounds up debit card purchases and puts the change into my savings account, although Clink goes further and puts those automatic savings to work.)

I had a chance to look at the beta version of the app, mostly to check out the UI. (Look, I like being an early adopter and trying new apps, but of course I couldn’t connect my bank account to a beta project.) Clink’s users will be able to automatically push money into savings. By setting the percentage, they’ll be able increase or decrease the amount saved, and of course users can add to their Clink account.

Right now, the Clink app is a landing page where would-be users can sign up to be notified when the app launches. Naturally, you can move up the waiting list by socially inviting friends to join. The app is scheduled for release in December, and will be available on iOs.


This post is shared with you in partnership with the developers of Clink.

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