Attack with PBR and Vinyl Records in Indie Game “Hipster Zombies”


Hipster Zombies, available on iOS and Android from indie devs Sharkbomb Studios, is yet another game inviting players to battle oncoming hordes of zombies. But these are hipsterzombies, and in addition to brains, they want old records, black plastic glasses, retro bicycles and cans of PBR!

Players stand behind a makeshift barricade and try to defend their neighborhood (Is it Williamsburg? Greenpoint? Probably is.) from oncoming zombie waves by throwing hipster gear at the zombies. Mechanics are classic and the controls are simple—you’ll move side-to-side with your left hand, while choosing what to throw with your right. The game is free but monetizes on players’ in-app purchases of hipster gear like vinyl records and PBR cans, much like Brooklyn does.

Enjoy the simple game and hipster jokes as you deploy your zombie-fighting powers of irony to battle the undead!

Halloween reprint, from my story Attack with PBR and Vinyl Records in Indie Game “Hipster Zombies” on (the) Absolute

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