AstroNest: The Beginning

I’ve started writing some game reviews for iOsStrategyGames (I swear I didn’t know about that awesome communist branding before I took the assignments), and I was assigned AstroNest. On the plus side, female characters wearing clothes!  On the minus side, pretty much everything else:

Science fiction in general requires good writing to keep it from becoming a meaningless technobabble story. With “trons” to build and “cosments” to collect, good writing could take AstroNest from spreadsheets in space to a vivid and exciting sci-fi adventure. Unfortunately, the combination of typos, spelling mistakes, and poor localization in the game’s text makes directives hard to understand and really destroys any world building intent a player may have in the process.

This has been a lovely outlet to work with, and I hope I’ll have more reviews here soon.

Via AstroNest: The Beginning on iOsStrategyGames

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