IMG_2006The other night, I went to Freshii with some other Boston bloggers. (Yeah! I live in Boston now! I do Boston blogger things!) I had a really nice evening, thanks to the great bloggers I met. Always fun to meet friends who are just as interested in social checkins, and Instagramming interesting textures, and turning their thoughts into blog posts.

Freshii gave us so much delicious food and we all had a lovely time artfully arranging Instagram photos, and sampling tasty meals. Our host told us about how Freshii could customize dish for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or paleo diets, or for food allergies. I liked the noodle bowl and the quinoa salads we sampled, but overall, my favorites for the night were the pineapple-cucumber-celery juice and the tart froyo. I’ve been getting more into green juices recently (I was planning to give up coffee and start drinking healthy juices all the time, only the giving-up-coffee bit didn’t happen.) and this was a particularly nice one with pineapple and a little bit of ginger.

Freshii Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato This Freshii is right by the Boston Public Library, which is where I’ve been studying a lot recently, so I’ve already been back for the pineapple green juice.

Thanks to Freshii and Blog&Tweet Boston for the event!

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