North Carolina Strikes Down LGBT Protections Statewide 

North Carolina lawmakers voted overwhelmingly today to strike down all existing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances in the state, during a special legislative session called in response to Charlotte passing a trans-inclusive ordinance.

The state’s Republican-led House of Representatives passed House Bill 2 by a vote of 83-24 today, according to the anti-LGBT North Carolina Family Policy Council, which supports the legislation that it calls the “Charlotte bathroom bill.” The bill now moves to the state Senate, where it will be heard at 4 p.m. local time.

The special session was called in response to Charlotte’s public accommodations ordinance, passed by the local city council in February, adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s antidiscrimination law.

Source: North Carolina House Strikes Down LGBT Protections Statewide | 

Being back in Massachusetts has made North Carolina feel more like my problematic fave than an extra-slow circle of hell, but here’s one of the many reasons why NC is so hard to like.

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